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John’s health story

A story from John, a 60-year-old business entrepreneur who looks decades younger than his years. We love his because he wants to make the world a better place. He has realized that the health of his mind, body and spirit are all interconnected with the health of the planet, and his lifestyle shows that! He’s exactly the type of person we created Greenway’s products for.

My day starts early, with meditation and a brief morning walk. A cup of fresh ABC juice (apple, beet and carrot) and a piece of grain bread give me energy to begin the day, and the meditation and walk help me start calm and focused. I work primarily on my computer, doing market research and writing proposals and emails. Since the pandemic, most of my meetings are virtual, which means more time in front of the computer and less time moving around. After my lunch break, I tend to get sleepy, but I avoid caffeinated beverages because then I can’t fall asleep at night! When I was younger, I used to be fine, drinking a few cups of coffee daily. Since menopause, I have experienced some changes, and one of those is not being able to tolerate caffeine. I was also experiencing some “brain fog” and small memory lapses, which really bothered me. Recently, I got into herbalism and learned to blend my own organic herbal teas. I choose herbs that taste good and support my health at the same time.

I don’t cook a lot, so I try to keep my meals simple and easy. I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. My favorite foods include spaghetti with plenty of shrimp; miso soup with brown rice; lots of seaweed; and pumpkin seeds for a snack. Sometimes, I watch movies with homemade popcorn and a strawberry-banana smoothie. I am a little obsessed with my motto: “Learn new things or your quality of life deteriorates,” which drives me to stay on continuous learning. I don’t  a lot of time to shop for supplements and I want to be sure that the ones I do buy are organic, high-quality and specific for my body and needs.